2021, may 5 - 7

Cité Internationale de la BD et de l'Image, Angoulème (France)

Call for papers


The objective of the Telling Science, Drawing Science conference is to promote and share experiences of research and/or mediation in the fields of education, scientific mediation and communication, narrative and image. The symposium is open to all researchers and practitioners (illustrators, mediators, authors, authors, teachers, trainers, etc.) concerned with the transmission of knowledge in scientific disciplines: mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. The proposals for communication will focus on reporting (optional) :

  • the results of a research that has focused on an iconic and/or textual, audiovisual, etc. scientific medium: analysis of the sources of creation, and/or analysis of use (reading, viewing, creation) in the classroom, or within mediation systems, etc., and/or analysis of the impact of the use of such media on the target audience...


  • a feedback focused on the use and/or creation of an iconic and/or textual, audiovisual... scientific medium and supported by an explanation of the motivations, a justification of the choices, a reflexive analysis of the action carried out and its impacts. A guide to writing these feedbacks is available here.

Each proposal will be blind-reviewed and, if selected, will be accompanied by a member of the scientific committee chosen for its proximity to the theme and format of the proposal. 


Authors are invited to write their proposal using the style sheet available here.


For further information, do not hesitate to write to @contact (left menu).

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